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  • AmyloflocTM

    A starch derivative principally used in paper processing as emulsifier for neutral/ alkaline internal sizing additives and wet–end additive in the paper processing.

  • AmylogumTM

    Amylogum is used as binder for coating/lamination of paper and board. It provides paper stiffness, acts as excellent printing gloss and is cost effective.

  • AmylokoteTM

    Amlokote is a phosphated/carbamate ester for lamination of paper & board.

  • AmyloplastTM

    Amyloplast is an oxidized starch having a range of viscosity and fluidity to suit the requirement of paper processing in the application of surface sizing.

  • AmyloStarTM -Low Moisture Starch

    AmyloStarTM  is a low moisture starch ideal improving shelf life, mouthfeel and overall food quality.

  • BLUCIDEXTM Maltodextrin Powder

    Bluecraft Agro produces fine quality maltodextrin powder which adheres to the stringent quality standards of the clientele. We supply maltodextrin to some of the leading companies in India and are expanding footprint aggressively.

  • Bondex FD – 80TM

    Bondex FD-80 is an intermediate product between starch and sugars derived from starch.

  • Bondex Y-90TM

    Bondex Y-90 is soluble gummy carbohydrate made by partial hydrolysis of starch.

  • BP Grade Starch

    Bluecraft Agro Maize Starch IP/BP is available as per India, British and United States pharmacopoeia standards.

    Starch is very useful in table production due to its inertness, cost effectiveness and utilization as fillers, binders, disintegrants and glidants. Its low particle size ensures a smooth tablet surface.

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