R&D and Quality

R&D and Quality

Bluecraft Agro has state-of-the-art laboratories at all manufacturing units. The labaratories include a fully equipped physicochemical analysis laboratory, microbiology laboratory, instrumentation laboratory, modified starch laboratory and drilling starch laboratory.

Bluecraft Agro is fully equipped to analyze all incoming raw materials, packaging, chemicals; in-process analysis and finished good analysis.

Chemical analysis section

Bluecraft has Brookfield viscometers, UV  spectrophotometer, ISO brightness meter, HPLC for carbohydrate profile determination, GLC for fatty acid profile of oil, Rancimat for shelf life determination of oil and fat, stability cabinet for shelf life study of starch, pH meter, conductivity meter, high precision balances, moisture analyzers, ultrasonic water bath. Plan polarize light microscope for drilling starch analysis, fann viscometer, hot rolling oven, hamilton mixers, API  filter press; Hot air oven, Vacuum oven, potentiometer , Refrigerator, Muffle furnace  etc.

Micro Lab

Bluecraft has Bacteriological incubators, BOD incubator, Laminar air flow, constant temperature Water bath, Autoclaves, etc.

R&D Section

In the R&D section we have a pilot plant for development of products for segments like oil drilling, food and pharma, adhesives, paper, textile, corrugation etc.
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