Animal Nutrition

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  • KamdhenuTM (Maize Oil Cake)

    Kamdhenu is the brand name for the Maize Oil Cake (MOC) manufactured by Bluecraft Agro. It is extracted from germs of corn. MOC is very rich in nutrition and provides the cattle with the required amount of proteins and fat for their everyday diet. MOC also contains calcium, dietary fiber, and various other nutrients. It is also an excellent feed for buffalo, goat, horse and camels.

  • Maize Fibre

    Maize fiber is a by-product of maize seed obtained by wet milling process of maize. It is rich in fiber content.

  • Maize Germ

    Maize germ is an endosperm of maize obtained by the wet milling process of maize seed. It is rich in oil content. Oil is extracted from germ and used in industrial applications.

  • Maize Gluten

    Maize Gluten is an easily digestible product and hence used widely as poultry meal and cattle feed. It is rich in protein and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

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