Co-Generation Power Plants

Co-generation Power plants

Bluecraft Agro has co-generation power plants that provide captive power for its operations. These enable the operations to be run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Boiler Capacity: 30 TPH, Pressure-67 kg/cm2,Temp- 490+_5 degree centigrade
  • Turbine Capacity: 40000 kw
  • Water Treatment Plant Capacity: 8X2 m3/hrs and storage capacity 200 KL
  • Fuel Handling Plant Capacity:  10 ton/hrs with include coal crusher,vibrating screen,bucket elevator
  • Type of Boiler: Single Drum, Bottom supported,Natural Circulation, Balanced Draft,Semi outdoor
  • Primary Fuel: 100 % Indian coal/100% Rice husk and both
  • Start-up Fuel: Charcoal / Diesel
  • Coal Crushing System: Impact bar crusher
  • Steam Turbine: Impulse, Bleed,Extraction,Condensing and Nozzle & Throttle-governed turbine
  • Turbo Generator: Air / Water Cooled, With Reduction gearbox coupled Generator, Static Excitation
  • Automation: Micro-processor based DCS
  • Computer controlled data acquisition system for on-line monitoring
  • Automatic turbine run-up system
  • Electrostatic precipitator with advanced intelligent controllers
  • Operation & Maintenance: Bluecraft Agro team
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