A starch derivative principally used in paper processing as emulsifier for neutral/ alkaline internal sizing additives and wet–end additive in the paper processing.




Improves the effectiveness of retention, dewatering and sizing chemicals through synergistic action.

Retention of sizing additives, water clarification & reduction in water pollution, enhances smoothness and improves fibre-fibre/ fibre-filler bonding.


  • Writing printing paper
  • Newsprint


  • Retaining of sizing additives
  • Significant retention of cationic starch in cellulosic material
  • Improving fines & fillers retention
  • Water clarification & reduction in water pollution,
  • Improving the fibre-fibre/fibre-filler bonding
  • Improving the surface strength properties
  • Improving the rattling/stiffnessEnhancing the smoothness


Base Maize
Description Etherified Starch
Appearance White, granular, fine powder
Odour None
Moisture Content (%) 12 max
*pH (10% aqueous solution) 4.0 – 7.0
*Brookfield Viscosity (cps)
(5 % paste at 75°C & 20 rpm)
1000 – 2500
Ionic Character Cationic
*Degree of substitution (mol/mol) 0.025 – 0.07
Paste Characteristics White & highly dispersed, non corrosive & stable for longer period.
Toxicity No health hazard at normal handling and industrial use.

* Viscosity and pH & DS can be adjusted as per the customer requirement

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