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  • Maize Germ

    Maize germ is an endosperm of maize obtained by the wet milling process of maize seed. It is rich in oil content. Oil is extracted from germ and used in industrial applications.

  • Maize Gluten

    Maize Gluten is an easily digestible product and hence used widely as poultry meal and cattle feed. It is rich in protein and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

  • Refined Corn Oil

    Refined Corn oil is effective in lowering the blood’s bad cholesterol levels; it can be used to help in controlling the weight.

  • Sizelon 5TM

    Sizelon-5 is a single product sizing agent and easy to use for all cotton and its blends. The benefits of using Sizelon-5 include easy desizing, reduced hairiness and smooth surface, strengthening of yarn with better elongation properties, free of polyvinyl alcohol and absence of PCP, urea, formaldehyde and other banned items. It is ideal for use in high speed looms.

  • Sorbitol (Liquid)

    Sorbitol is a water-soluble polyhydric alcohol. It has high stability, humectancy and plasticizing along with sweet taste. Sorbitol is one of the key ingredients for making various type of products.


  • Starch Sodium Glycolate (SSG) AmylojelTM

    Derived from potato starch, Amylojel is an exceptional dissolution agent, ideal for tablets and capsules.

  • Super BondTM

    A modified starch having a reactive terminal end group. It is chemically modified following the specific reaction conditions.

  • TexojetTM

    Texojet is an ideal slurry based modified starch for sizing application of cotton, cotton blended fiber polyester fiber, Denim application, this product is suitable for both coarser and finer count.

  • Texoplast 86TM

    Texoplast is a yarn sizer with multiple applications for cotton and blends, independent of inhibitive factors such as density of fabric, type of loom, loom speed, yarn quality and type of sizing machine.

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