Super BondTM

Super BondTM

A modified starch having a reactive terminal end group. It is chemically modified following the specific reaction conditions.




The structural modification of the starch backbone is done in such a fashion that the modification imparts the property, which improves the ply bond strength and IGT printability of the paperboard during its application.


  • Paper Board


  • Easily dispersible in cold water
  • Higher viscosity and imparts the rigidity to molecular chains
  • More swelling power causes rapid gelatinisation.


Base Maize/Tapioca Starch
Description Etherified Starch
Appearance Free Flow Fine White Powder
Nature Ionic, Slightly hydrophobic
pH (10% aqueous suspension) 5.0-7.0
Moisture Content (%) 13 max
Residue on 85 mesh (%) 1.0 max
Brook-field Viscosity (cps)
(5% Paste at 75°C, 20 rpm)
3000 min

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