BLUCIDEXTM Maltodextrin Powder

BLUCIDEXTM Maltodextrin Powder

Bluecraft Agro produces fine quality maltodextrin powder which adheres to the stringent quality standards of the clientele. We supply maltodextrin to some of the leading companies in India and are expanding footprint aggressively.

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Maltodextrin is one of the most preferred carbohydrate by the food and pharmaceuticals industry. It has varied applications and is used for texturing, gelling, emulsifying and non-crystallization properties. It is used as excipient in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic applications.

Maltodextrin is a source of energy and is easily digestible as it is quickly absorbed in the small intestine. It is easily soluble which ensures lump-free end product. It also helps in hydration. Owing to these properties, maltodextrin is extensively used in making of nutritional drinks.

Maltodextrin has low reducing sugars present, and hence it produces very little Maillard reaction browning. Ice crystal formation is inhibited and it prevents grainy textures over time in frozen products. Its bland flavor makes it adaptable to most food processing requirements.

Maltodextrin has a calorific value of 4 cal/g. Due to this property it is highly used as fat substitute in diet products.

Maltodextrin has a neutral taste, natural mild sweetness and is available in powdered form.

Hydrolyzed Starch

As partially hydrolysed starch, maltodextrin has a Dextrose Equivalent (DE) of between 12 and 30. DE of starch is 0 and that of pure glucose is 100.


  • Baby food & pharmaceuticals
  • Chocolates & confectionery
  • Energy drinks & bars
  • Milk & bakery products


  • Extensively used as agent for:
    • 1. Thickening
    • 2. Viscosifying
    • 3. Binding
    • 4. Film Forming
  • Inhibits crystallization
  • Dissolves quickly in aqueous solution
  • Compressible (powder form)


Physical Appearance White to cream color • Fine fluffy powder
Moisture % 5.0 Max.
DE Low DE: 12-16
High DE: 24-30
Standard DE: 16-24
Sulphate Ash % 0.50 % Max.
pH 4.5 – 6.5
Solubility 98 % Min.
Color in Solution Colorless

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