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  • Carbojet LVTM

    Carbojet usage in yarn sizing reduces use of synthetic polymer in large proportions such as PVA, polyester resins, etc. This eco-friendly product provides higher adhesion strength, high film strength and elongation, ease of desizing and lower inventory loss. Carbojet provides immense benefits in pre-treatment and subsequent processes.


    Drilflo1009TM is a Carboxy methyl starch-based filtration control agent meeting Drilling specification.

  • FiberlocTM

    Fibreloc series is a Quaternary Ammonium Derivative of starch principally used as Wet–End Additive in the paper processing.

  • Food Grade Starch

    Maize Starch is a white or creamy powder having various direct and indirect applications. Our native maize starch is manufactured from selected good quality corn with high brightness and low ash content desirable by the food and pharmaceutical industries. The product is free from rancidity, adulterents, pest infestation,and odourless.

  • High Temperature Starch

    HTDS is non-damaging and can be used in both Drilling Fluid and reservoir

  • IP Grade Starch

    Bluecraft Agro Maize Starch IP/BP is available as per India, British and United States pharmacopoeia standards.

    Starch is very useful in table production due to its inertness, cost effectiveness and utilization as fillers, binders, disintegrants and glidants. Its low particle size ensures a smooth tablet surface.

  • KamdhenuTM (Maize Oil Cake)

    Kamdhenu is the brand name for the Maize Oil Cake (MOC) manufactured by Bluecraft Agro. It is extracted from germs of corn. MOC is very rich in nutrition and provides the cattle with the required amount of proteins and fat for their everyday diet. MOC also contains calcium, dietary fiber, and various other nutrients. It is also an excellent feed for buffalo, goat, horse and camels.

  • Low Temperature Starch

    Application of Drilling starch (DS) helps – Lower filtration rate in most water based drilling fluid systems, Improve bore-hole stability,Flocculate dispersed drill cuttings in clear water drilling.

  • Maize Fibre

    Maize fiber is a by-product of maize seed obtained by wet milling process of maize. It is rich in fiber content.

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