The Role of modified Starch in Sustainable Oil Extraction

Modified starch makes the access to oil and gas deposits easy! Drilling starch is a chemically modified variant of starch derived from Maize, Potato and Tapioca that plays a crucial…

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Tapioca-Based Modified Starch: From Root to Versatile Ingredient

The native form of starch has limited applications and thus a modified version for increased stability has been brought into existence. Extracted from the roots of Cassava plant, the native…

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Modified Starch in The Self-Care Industry

“Modified starch” does not mean genetically modified or produced from genetically modified organisms. It is in fact a critical process that involves altering starch derived from plant-based commodities, grains and…

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Elevating Textile Excellence: The Impact of Starch in the Textile Industry

One essential component that is crucial to improving the performance and quality of fabrics in the vast and complex world of textiles is starch. This small-looking element affects every step…

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Versatile Use of Starch in the World of Confectionery

Starch has a lot of functions in the confectionery industry, making it a crucial component that often draws attention. A lot of delectable desserts, including those made with corn starch,…

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