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Bluecraft Agro has one of the finest portfolios of modified starches for the paper industry. Starch is a critical ingredient in most of the paper grades and its consumption ranks third in the process of making paper.

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  • AmyloflocTM

    A starch derivative principally used in paper processing as emulsifier for neutral/ alkaline internal sizing additives and wet–end additive in the paper processing.

  • AmylogumTM

    Amylogum is used as binder for coating/lamination of paper and board. It provides paper stiffness, acts as excellent printing gloss and is cost effective.

  • AmylokoteTM

    Amlokote is a phosphated/carbamate ester for lamination of paper & board.

  • AmyloplastTM

    Amyloplast is an oxidized starch having a range of viscosity and fluidity to suit the requirement of paper processing in the application of surface sizing.

  • FiberlocTM

    Fibreloc series is a Quaternary Ammonium Derivative of starch principally used as Wet–End Additive in the paper processing.

  • Super BondTM

    A modified starch having a reactive terminal end group. It is chemically modified following the specific reaction conditions.

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