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  • AmyloStarTM -Low Moisture Starch

    AmyloStarTM  is a low moisture starch ideal improving shelf life, mouthfeel and overall food quality.

  • BLUCIDEXTM Maltodextrin Powder

    Bluecraft Agro produces fine quality maltodextrin powder which adheres to the stringent quality standards of the clientele. We supply maltodextrin to some of the leading companies in India and are expanding footprint aggressively.

  • Food Grade Starch

    Maize Starch is a white or creamy powder having various direct and indirect applications. Our native maize starch is manufactured from selected good quality corn with high brightness and low ash content desirable by the food and pharmaceutical industries. The product is free from rancidity, adulterents, pest infestation,and odourless.

  • Refined Corn Oil

    Refined Corn oil is effective in lowering the blood’s bad cholesterol levels; it can be used to help in controlling the weight.

  • Sorbitol (Liquid)

    Sorbitol is a water-soluble polyhydric alcohol. It has high stability, humectancy and plasticizing along with sweet taste. Sorbitol is one of the key ingredients for making various type of products.


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